About Us

Our Story

The idea of SWEET TOOTH TOKYO came to me very long ago, however it was not realized till an afternoon when I enjoyed Oyatsu Time (tea time in Japanese, mostly around 3PM) with my children. My daughter handed me her half-eaten chocolate with her purest smile saying ‘’Mon this is so delicious, you shall really try it!’’. At that moment, I just suddenly realized it can be so much fun when you share your really loved pieces with your loved ones, maybe your family, your friends or who you really care about. I believe this is where I really decided to start SWEET TOOTH TOKYO to connect Japan and the world through the best authentic Japanese snacks. The story all begins with a brightest smile like the sunshine of my sweet daughter.

Our Service

At SWEET TOOTH TOKYO, we always focus on how to deliver smiles and happiness from Japan to you.

At SWEET TOOTH TOKYO, we are all about Japanese snack culture. We try each different kind of snack and only source from the best and most recommended pieces to bring you the greatest experience of Japanese taste, and local taste or flavor from all over Japan, which is one of our focused areas. We hand pick each item and pack each box meticulously with express delivery to your door.

Bringing Japan closer to people living abroad who love Japanese snacks and candy, and to those who are interested in Japanese culture. We are delivering smiles and happiness from Japan.

Growing up with well-known local shops, preserving Japanese traditions and cultures, and passing them on to the next generation.

Sharing smiles and happiness with loved ones, community, and society.

Delivering Smiles from Japan!